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Hotels FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions www.goodbytravel.com

We have created this section to make clear the doubts planteáis more frequently and inform us of the different options offered by the use of our website, payment methods, reconfirmations, cancellations, changes, etc ..., please, read carefully this section.
We hope you find it useful..

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Book a Hotel room

  1. Book a Hotel Room - Can I limit the search to find hotels in a specific area or near a place of interest??

    Of course, keep in mind that our site offers you many options to filter your search:

    • You can filter your search by hotel name
    • You can filter a search for an approximate price
    • You can filter your search by star rating
    • You can filter your search by landmark

    Along with all these options, also adds to seek a hotel map. In it you will located all area hotels on a map, so you choose the one that is closest to the place or area desired.

  2. Book a Hotel Room - Can I cancel or change a booking?, What expenses can generate a cancellation or modification of reservation?

    Yes, you can. But note that such cancellation may involve a cancellation fee. Upon booking, you will be informed of the cancellation policy, or it appears in the general conditions.

    These cancellation fees vary according to destination, the supplier, the reserved rate and dates prior to the cancellation.

    To cancel or modify a reservation, you can contact our customer service center via email to reservas@goodbytravel.com or by calling 902 201 301 recalls have handy your reservation locator to facilitate the travel agent.

    The cost per booking amendment is 10 €, plus fare difference if the case arises.

  3. Book a Hotel Room - How do I know my reservation is correct?

    After completing the purchase process, will appear on your screen a pager number and receive an e-mail with confirmation of booking.

    You should check your email in 24/48 hours from the time of purchase to verify that you have reached the e-mail confirmation with the bonus you must present on site. Check your spam folder or spam if it were stored there.

  4. Book a Hotel Room - Do I have to add children or babies in reserve?

    Yes, you must include all passengers. Per person means any natural person who will go to hotel booked, regardless of whether it baby, child or adult.

    The provider or hotel must have a forecast of people and ages of occupants, since there is some room types which do not fit an extra bed or cot.

  5. Book a Hotel Room – What are the general conditions under reservation?

    The General Conditions are written Hotels on our website at the time of making your reservation.

    You must read and accept to confirm. If you have any doubts please consult us before you confirm your reservation.

  6. Reserva - If an error occurs in the booking process was also confirms the booking?

    If at the end of the booking process you appear an error message you should contact our customer service center via email to reservas@goodbytravel.com or by calling 902 201 301

    Maybe an error has occurred in the payment transaction with the bank, and the reservation is made or not.

    Our agents will try to confirm you online confirmation of the reservation or not, and if not you should check with your bank if there has been some movement in the account money.

  7. Book a Hotel Room - How do I book a hotel?
    • Search hotel availability. Choose the destination, the dates you want to travel, number of bedrooms, number of people in each room including all children, and ages of the children.

      We will list all available for selected dates with corresponding rates hotels. You can sort the hotels by price, category, ... You can also filter results by hotel name, category, distances, etc.

    • Enter your details. Once the hotel has been selected, we provide a summary of the book indicate the total cost of the same with the description and location of the hotel.

    • Confirm your reservation. We will show the number locator of booking and receive booking confirmation by e-mail. If the booking has been paid in full, you will also receive a bonus for the contracted service must print and show arrival, along with your DNI, NIE or passport.

  8. Book a Hotel Room - If I don't recive email booking confirmation, what can I do?

    It could be that the e-mail sent by GOODBYTRAVEL was in your inbox spam.

    In any case, if you have confirmed your reservation on screen and we have given a pager, you can access details of your reservation and voucher via My Bookings:

    You can also contact our customer service center via email to reservas@goodbytravel.com or by calling 902 201 301, providing your booking reference.

  9. Book a Hotel Room - What's the price of a hotel reservation?

    The price includes accommodation on site for passengers and by type of accommodation and catering arrangements contained in the documentation; plus VAT, VAT taxes.

    In some cities (Paris, New York ...) there are local fees that must be paid directly at the hotel and vary depending on hotel category and destination.

    Also some hotels may ask for a deposit which will be returned on leaving the hotel.

    We remind that normally beverages are not included with meals.

  10. Book a Hotel Room - What do I do if there is no record of my reservation at the hotel hired?

    You must contact our customer service center via email to reservas@goodbytravel.com or by calling 902 201 301, providing your booking reference.

    If you have a confirmed reservation, we will make the necessary arrangements with the provider to address the potential impact and will inform you as soon as possible.

  11. Book a Hotel Room - What is the minimum age for a hotel to stay?

    To book a hotel through our website, you must be at least 18 years (21 years in the US).

    The hotel may deny admission of a group of people traveling together if there is at least one adult aged 18 (21 in the case of USA). In this case Goodbytravel not accept any responsibility.

  12. Book a Hotel Room - How do I make a booking for someone else?

    When entering reservation data in the field owner will place the name of the person who will stay at the hotel

  13. Book a Hotel Room - How are children or babies are added on a reservation?

    Must be specified as a person, indicating how old the child will / baby when booking services are started.

    f the baby has only months, you must specify the age of one year (which means all of those babies from 1 day to 24 months).

    For children, the corresponding age should be indicated.

  14. Book a Hotel Room - Can I make reservations for the same day?.

    Yes, you just have to search on the website, make full payment and send you the bonus you must deliver ... when you get to your hotel room will be ready.

  15. Book a Hotel Room - How many rooms can I book up?

    Our hotel search engine will give you the chance to reserve up to 3 bedrooms for no more than 9 people.

    If you wished more rooms or number of people, it must be paid in several reserves.

  16. Payment - How I can pay a hotel reservation?

    At the end of the book will show you the different ways to pay for the reservation. You can pay by credit card, debit, online transfer, bank transfer, paypal ... Sometimes and depending how far in advance you book, not all of these options are available.

    Normally you simply pay 25% at the time of booking and the remaining amount 30 days before the entrance to the hotel.

    Sometimes you can take advantage of special promotions which may alter the amounts and dates of payment, which will include you always indicated on the website.

    In the event that the booking is paid directly to the hotel, which will clearly indicated as such in the reservation, credit card details will be requested only as a guarantee. In the hotel you can pay with the same card with a different or cash...

    Of course, if it is a nonrefundable fee directly the hotel will charge the amount of your booking.

  17. Payment – When do I pay the hotel reservation?

    Everything depends on whether it is a city hotel, beach or skiing.

    For city hotels always 100% when booking is paid, no matter how early it is done with it.

    For coastal hotels or resorts will depend on the type of fare you are booking, and prior to departure.

    Normally, if a reservation more than 30 days you can choose to pay 100% of the total reservation or 25%, and must pay the remaining amount 30 days prior to entry.

    If it is a nonrefundable fee, you must pay 100% of it to make the reservation, either to the advance of arrival to the hotel.

  18. Documentation - What documents should I submit my entry to the hotel?

    When you have made your booking we will send you a confirmation of it, with all the listed facilities.

    If you paid 100% of the reservation, it will get the corresponding bonus via email, you will need to print the document and submit your entry to the hotel.

    No need to submit invoices or other documents, as required by the hotel which is that bond together the ID or passport holders of booking.

  19. Taxes - What is ECOTAX?

    The ECOTAX is a tourist tax or rate used by some public bodies (municipalities, autonomous communities, regions, etc) as a source of funding for tourism promotion or preservation of the environment.

    The price for bookings made through our website does not include the eco-tax, since the payment thereof is required in the hotels tourist areas, varying the amount of one area to another and depending on the day stay.

  20. Taxes - What are the amounts of fees in Venice?

    The municipality of Venice requires payment of local taxes. Rates of them are posted on this Website Address: http://info.goodbytravel.com/tasas-turisticas-de-venecia-en-hoteles-y-alojamientos/(spanish)

  21. Taxes - What are the amounts of fees in Catania?

    The city of Catania required to pay local taxes in this direction you will find information about: http://info.goodbytravel.com/tasas-turisticas-en-hoteles-de-catania/(spanish)

  22. Taxes - What are the amounts of fees in Rome?

    The city of Rome requires payment of local taxes in this direction you will find information about: http://info.goodbytravel.com/tasa-turistica-en-hoteles-de-roma/(spanish)

  23. Taxes -What are the amounts of fees in Florence?

    As of July 1, 2011 the City of Florence required to pay local taxes. In the following link you will see the http://info.goodbytravel.com/tasas-turisticas-de-florencia-en-hoteles/(spanish) rates

  24. Taxes - What are the amounts of fees in Padova?

    As of September 1, 2011 the City of Padova required to pay local taxes.


    Payable to hotel.

    No fees are charged children up to 16 years, tour guides or drivers of groups over 25 people.

    Amount per person per night

    Hotel 1 stars 1 €
    Hotel 2 stars 1.5 €
    Hotel 3 stars 2 €
    Hotel 4 & 5 stars 3 €
    Up to 5 nights.

  25. Hotel - How do I request a cot or a room with special features?

    If you require a special service (bed, food without gluten, double bed, smoking room, etc) must apply by e-mail to our customer service via email to reservas@goodbytravel.com or by calling 902 201 301, providing your booking reference.

    All these services may carry an additional charge and subject to availability.

  26. Hotel - What does SA, AD, MP, PC, TI, SP, HM at the hotel voucher?

    These labels indicate the contracted diet:

    SA: Accommodation only.
    AD or HD: bed and breakfast.
    MP: Half board, ie breakfast and dinner usually.
    PC: Full board, ie breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    AI: All inclusive, ie PC's services specified in each case.
    SP: According program (check with the hotel itself).
    HM: First day only rates second half pension and the third day breakfast (This combination often found in packs of snow or weekend getaways: Friday to Sunday).

    Drinks are not included in prices unless otherwise indicated in each hotel.

  27. Hotel - What is the usual time for arrival and departure at hotels?

    As a general rule the rooms may be used from 14 pm on day of arrival and must be vacated by 12 noon on the day of departure.

    Some hotels will allow entry ahead of schedule, and the output several hours later ... but considering that depend on the policy established by the hotel.

  28. Hotel - Can I stay in a hotel with my pet?

    Before booking you must find out if it is possible to bring pets because they generally are not allowed in hotels.

  29. Hotel - How I can know the facilities that comprise the hotel?

    During the process of finding and buying'll be able to inform you of the hotel description, facilities, location, room features, etc. To do this click on the name of the hotel.

  30. Hotel - Where I can find the hotel phone number and / or e-mail?

    Once you have paid 100% of the reservation will automatically send you a bonus.

    That bond is the document that will be presented at the hotel desk the day of check-in.

    In that same bond is figured you both like the same physical address, telephone and fax number of the hotel.

  31. Hotel - What if when I get to the hotel I suggest that there overbooking, ie, there are no rooms available?

    If upon arrival will tell you there are no rooms available, the hotel itself should give an alternative in another hotel of the same or higher category and in the same pension originally contracted. This rarely happens but it can happen.

    Any problems we recommend you contact us to our customer service via email to reservas@goodbytravel.com or by calling 902 201 301, providing your booking reference, so we can fix it ASAP.

  32. Hotel - My room, is it accurate to photograph shown me in the hotel description on the web?

    Photos of hotel rooms that appear on the website are only to give a general idea. It is to be noted that the size, style, furniture and services may vary.

  33. Hotel - How I can know if the hotel offers a shuttle service and how do I hire you?

    If the hotel offers shuttle service will see it reflected in "Hotel Information" on our website.

    When you have made your reservation firm must contact the hotel to request this service, you can request the flight data.

  34. Hotel - What do I do if I want to hire the service of the hotel parking?

    Once you have made your reservation must contact the hotel directly with the data that will appear in the bonus and pay the corresponding amount on arrival.

  35. Hotel - air conditioning or heating in the hotel will be available?

    We have descriptions of the services offered by each hotel at which you can access through our website. This information is loaded directly from our suppliers, with information obtained from the same hotel.

    However, some hotels are subject to local laws and no air conditioning and / or heating throughout the year.

  36. Hotel - What if the quality does not match contracted hotel category?

    The quality and content of the services provided by the hotel will be determined by the official tourist category, if any, allocated by the competent body of your country.

    The categories of hotels countries there is no official body to regulate it, have been assigned by central reservation on the basis of its services and facilities sole discretion of the respective chains, wholesalers and travelers.

    If your arrival was not the category that you'd hired, you must contact us on the phone that will appear on your documentation to process it as soon as possible.

  37. Hotel - Do I have to contact the hotel if I anticipate arriving after 18.00 hrs?

    It is necessary that you inform the hotel directly of your estimated time of arrival as may otherwise make available to other customers room.

  38. Hotel - How do I find a specific hotel?

    arching by destination, date and number of rooms and people and the next screen will show all the hotels.

    To restrict the list, you can filter by hotel name, by price, by category, by landmark.

  39. Hotel - What is the difference between a double and a twin room with 2 beds?

    The difference is that a double room is a standard room has a double bed, while a double room with 2 beds has two single beds.

    If there is a double bedroom, 1 or 2 beds, you can refer to any of the above two options.

  40. Hotel - Can I zoom the stay at the hotel once in destiny?

    Yes you can, but always bearing in mind that:

    If you leave the hotel before the scheduled date, GOODBYTRAVEL not guarantee the return of unused nights. Please ask the hotel for a formal written notice of non-billing days not enjoyed and send us a copy for their management.

    In case of extended stay once and on arrival, contact us and we will inform about the availability and room prices. You must make payment for the extension of stay by credit card.